Winter Suite

If one could get into a relationship with winter, probably the status will be “its complicated”. Though the fog & snow make a fluffy blanket for a picturesque panorama, it makes us never leave our cozy corners to admire the outside views.

Just because the weather has turned cold doesn’t mean nature isn’t filled with inspiring lessons.

Every winter has its spring.

We derive inspiration from our complicated relationship with Winter to create a space that is misted like the cold morning view, but simultaneously also admire & celebrate the colorful accents seen in beauteous splendor against a cold white backdrop.

The room is adorned with a custom wallpaper that has been designed in gradient from bottom to top, just in a way the fog manipulates our view. A careful selection of tones of blue with a cobalt hue give the space its much needed life and appropriate coldness.

A trail of scarlet poppies accentuates the dado. Scarlet also makes appearances on the headboard and soft furnishing to tie the entire look together.

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