The Summer Suite

Summers. A time of infinite fun. The days seem to last forever and the leisure never stops.
The grass so green, the sun so bright, mornings’ soft haze and air, bougainvilleas in full bloom and bananas in splendid delight. Such is the understated beauty of a summer day. Full of our loved ‘YELLOW’ in infinite possibilities of textures and inspirations.


Bathed in glittering sun rays, the season of summer has always been portrayed with colors that are opposite to its nature.
Architects and Interior designers portray summer season with cool blues and mints. This is usually because we want to evocate a feeling of coolness in temperate climates. But unfortunately, this trend carries along even in cold countries. As soon as we refer to a summer palette, all we see is beach tones.
Here, we attempt to retain the true nature of summer through shades of yellows. The beauty of this space will be that it still does not make you feel hot when you enter it.

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