Room Of Rains

We are truly blessed to have five seasons. Each making its presence felt in a way we lead our lives. Each season comes with its own distinctive character and set of peculiarities, it’s peonies-in-my-garden feeling and prickly situations. Yet, IT IS THE MONSOON, that is most romanticized over and above our brief flirtations with nature. It’s is the most inspiring season for designing a space.


Since ages the Kings and their kinship has enjoyed the idea of having residences specific to seasons. The winter palace, the summer palace, the Badal Mahal…. This room is dedicated to the romanticized monsoon over and above our brief flirtations with nature.
The tree bark effect veneer defining the entire Dado of the room with a stepped chair-rail, is adorned above with an intricate custom wallpaper. This scenery of dancing and conversing peacocks has been taken from a part of an elaborate set of wildlife and floral themed mosaics that ornament the sitting room area at the Shiv Nivas palace at Udaipur palace complex.
Though the original mosaic is adorned in subtle hues, we made a monotone vector adaptation to get focus on the illustration itself rather than the method of surface decoration.
Such earthy tones instantly transport you to the aroma of newly wet mud, thrill of the dancing peacocks and the surreal experience of monsoon season.

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