JDC is a Residential & Commercial Interior design firm specializing in Retail experience. Our design roots lie in the magnificent city of Jaipur, A city that has been the epicenter of Arts, crafts and culture for centuries. We believe that with the breathtaking architecture, surface treatments, vernacular elements that define our heritage have lost their flair with the advent of modern materials.

We at JDC thrive to design spaces that are Indian at heart yet absolutely contemporary in appeal. We find a palace in your space. Our specialization apart from Residential properties and boutique hotels, lies in Retail Experience Design. From clothing boutiques to Yoga centers, from Single brand outlets to specialty stores, we do not design interiors but an entire experience that stimulates all senses for the consumer. We help our clients to accomplish Visual Merchandising and window displays as well.

Our founder, Mr. Kaish Agarwal, an alumni of National Institute of Design, has been acknowledged with the prestigious VMRD Award for Visual merchandising of an exclusive brand outlet in Jaipur. Having worked with a mosaic of brands, we at JDC are a one stop solution to all your SPACE needs.

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